Monday, January 2, 2017

Year in Review

I look back at my post from last January 1st and realize that a lot has changed this past year.

A few of my goals were realized but lots remain to be worked on this year. Here's a recap of the big events in 2016 courtesy of my cell phone.

Mariner's Event

First run of Aristocats: Scat Cat Alley

Dining chairs received a makeover

Anique excelled in 6th grade

Ken celebrated a milestone birthday

Anique got braces

New puppy, Jordan. Now known as Jordan the Destroyer

Second performance of Aristocats: Scat Cat Alley. Makeup done...

Anique and Maddy humored me with a photo shoot a few days before they turned 12

Cousins went skating for Anique's birthday

Anique and Ellie made Maddy a cake for her birthday

Anique played trumpet in the 6th grade band

Anique started playing lacrosse

Senior prom for Bailey and Ellie

UNLV Freshman Orientation
A little sight-seeing while in Nevada

A view of the campus

Anique played goalie
Mermaid hair for Anique
I spend too much time on the couch...
Ellie and Bailey graduate from High School
School is out. Anique is done with 6th grade.
Took the dogs and family on a few summer hikes

Bailey and I drove to Nevada to move him into his dorm 
Bailey turned 18 and got his first tattoo

Celebrated Bailey's birthday by visiting the Stratosphere

Bailey is all moved into his dorm room

Anique started 7th grade

Re-covered the office storage boxes/benches

Painted and updated knobs on an older dresser

We tried to make bath bombs at Craft Night

Anique was the Queen of Hearts for Halloween

Ken and I attended a masquerade ball

Anique did a fantastic job on these mini-pumpkins

Bailey comes home to attend a concert with his dad. Lily gets her cuddle time in

Bailey snapchats me this photo because he thinks it makes him look like his dad. Hahahahahaha!


Rainbow ombre tree this year

New display arrangement for the Christmas village

Christmas Eve and this is the best picture I can get of the kids in their new pajamas
Congratulations if you made it through this horribly long post! I'm not so good with a cell phone camera but find it's good for capturing the unscripted moments.

Here's to 2017 and a bright, happy, full year!