Monday, October 5, 2015

Senior Pictures

I typically do several senior sessions in the Fall but this year is special because it is my own senior. 

It's a little bittersweet honestly. I'm proud of him and who he is and is becoming but at the same time, he's my baby!!!! It doesn't seem that long ago since elementary school and science fairs. Now it's all work and plans for after school and so on. Ack!! Too much. Too fast. 

He's really not fond of having his photos taken but allowed me to do his. And he held off on any extreme hair changes until after they were taken. (He's currently an extreme blond again.) We hit the Washington Arboretum because I thought it would be pretty and Gasworks park because he wanted the Seattle skyline. I think he would have been happier about it if I had fed him first but I kept promising him food if he would smile just a few more times...I'm pretty sure I've been using that line since elementary school too.

This year I also had the privilege of shooting Ellie's senior portraits. If you have followed the blog for any period of time you know that she is Bailey's girlfriend. They have been together a bit over 3 years. Which in high-school years is like forever. Actually, Ellie is pretty much family at this point. 

We did a marathon session with several outfit changes and a few different locations. Her mom and brother's girlfriend were both there to help with the changes, make up and to help hold the reflector as the sun set.

She's a natural in front of the camera. Her fun and playful personality shines and she needs little to no coaching on poses. She's beautiful and smart but honestly we love her most because she's a bit of a goofball too. 


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Favorite Links

Here's a few a my favorite links from this week. Some news stories. Some blogs. Some new. Some old. 

I love ice cream, so an Ice Cream Crawl sounds amazingly fun.

4 Steps to an Ice Cream Crawl | Oh Happy Day!
via Oh Happy Day

Can you tell I'm currently trying to reduce my calorie intake? Because all I want is food. And this Grilled Cheese Sandwich is on the top of the list.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese
via The Pioneer Woman

And next up, but not less important, a ranking of all the men who have played James Bond. You may not know this about me but I am a major James Bond fan. I like to eat my ice cream while watching James Bond. Okay, maybe not (well, I'm not opposed to the idea). My grandpa introduced me to the James Bond films when I was a little girl and I've been watching them ever since. This passion is not shared by the rest of my immediate family. Do you agree with how they've been ranked?

james bond thumbnail
via Business Insider
Here's some photo goodness that has nothing to do with either food or hunky men. This photographer finds scours Google Earth to find perfect square miles and has an awesome Instagram feed. This article tells you a little bit about the history. I recommend following his feed too for complete visual eye candy.

Gallery Image
via Wired

What good links did you find this week?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe


Way back at the end of July I was searching for some fashion inspiration. I wanted to update my wardrobe but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. I stumbled upon the idea of Capsule Wardrobes. I spent time reading through I read through her recommendations and I planned.

I purged my closet. I mean, I REALLY purged. Two huge big lawn bags full of clothes were donated. Stuff I hadn't worn in years, stuff that hadn't fit in years. Stuff that had broken zippers, that didn't fit and if it ever did I would like to have a zipper that worked. Lots and lots of stuff.

Next I boxed up clothes that were more suitable for Fall and Winter.

I looked at what remained and determined what holes needed to be filled. I gathered up my birthday money and I went shopping. I started on August 2nd and I documented what I wore everyday. But then I fell off the end of the blogging world.

It was a success though and I loved having those go to pieces. Everything in my closet fit. Everything could mix and match. It was great.

So, it's October 1st and it's time to switch out the wardrobe. Here's what I have lined up for the coming season. I'm still working on picking the perfect items for each season but I think this will cover work and home needs. I've tried to include lots of layering pieces. Some are from this new and some a year or two or more old but I've tried to list sources.

There are a few items not pictured (because I'm behind on my laundry) including:
skinny dark denim jeans, medium wash regular fit denim jeans, black Inc. jeggings.

Also, I didn't snap photos of my shoes but I have black ballet flats, burgundy ballet flats, grey knee boots, camel knee high boots, black booties and of course tennis shoes for my weekend errands.

What would you include? Exclude?

Mudd (Kohl's)

Mossimo (Target)


AB Studio (Kohl's)

Jennifer Lopez (Kohl's)

Mudd (Kohl's)

Apt 9 (Kohl's)

Delirious (Ross)

INC International Concepts (Macy's)

Mossimo (Target)

Apt 9 (Kohl's)

INC International Concepts (Macy's)

Rock & Republic (Kohl's)

INC International Concepts (Macy's)

Olivia Moon (Nordstrom's)

Style & Co (Macy's)

Mossimo (Target)

INC International Concepts (Macy's)

So (Kohl's)

So (Kohl's)

INC Internantional Concepts (Macy's)

Joe Benbasset (Kohl's)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer School: Make It In Design 2

Summer School, hosted by Make It In Design, just wrapped up. In previous years I've never managed to get anything submitted since other summer activities have taken presidence. This year I decided to make completing the creative briefs a higher priority. 

While I didn't get to the bonus challenges,  I'm happy to have completed both briefs.  This last brief was themed around eco-global geometrics. 

It was great to get back into Illustrator and play with color and design.  Next time I will definitely step it up and create mock-ups.  It would be pretty coo to see my designs applied to real-life objects.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Montana: Part 1

Several months ago, I had picked up a big paper map of the United States at the bookstore. I put it up on the wall in my office and marked all of the places we had visited and stayed for vacation.

Anique and I discussed all the places we had visited and how it would be cool to visit every state. We brought it up with Ken and Bailey and they agreed. I suspect they were just being polite but I took it as agreement and started planning.

This year we had a small window of time we could take off and had a budget we needed to abide by. It was decided the vacation would have to be within driving distance. Ken and I both took Wednesday through Friday off so we would have 5 days total. We decided on Montana since it was one of the few states we hadn't visited that was still within driving distance.

We left Wednesday morning and arrived in Bozeman late that night. The first hotel was basically a stopover. We slept, ate, showered and then packed back in the car. Our plan was to do a river float on the Yellowstone but woke to rain, rain and more rain. So we headed south to Old Faithful. Along the way, we stopped to check out the cool scenery. Some of it looks otherworldly. It's completely amazing and a bit scary to think all that heat is so close to the surface.

After Old Faithful we piled back into the car and headed to Billings for Part 2 of our vacation.

The North entrance is under construction.

The Mammoth Hot Springs were amazing. All the terraces of rock with hot bubbling water along the surface. 

The next images were taken at another hot basin. The water was literally boiling and smelled heavily of sulfur.

Old Faithful

And a few family photos while we decided what our next stop would be. The close-ups were taken by Ellie who was holding my camera for me while I re-organized. Please pardon my lack of make-up (it was vacation) and how the heck did I get so many wrinkles around my eyes? Geez!

How to amuse your self while driving? Shoot random, over-the-shoulder shots of the backseat passengers. Sinclair the dinosaur was a gas station find and Ellie had great fun throughout the whole trip sticking his head in my ear.

Turned out Bailey was filming random mini-films to pass the time and sending them to Ellie's mom. Making our car antics public. Whoops!

We still have lots of states on our family To Be Visited list but here are the ones we've seen so far (driving through or stopping at an airport doesn't count) :

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Idaho
  • California
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Florida
What state would you recommend next? What should we do there?