Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Entry Way Update

I've been contemplating updating and changing our house decorating "style" for awhile now. I've sketched out ideas, Browsed blogs, Pinterest and magazines. I finally decided to just go for it. I've always loved bold colors but had decorated with more of a calming beach colors decor. I couldn't help it! Have you ever looked through the Coastal Living Color issue? I was inspired. 

Here is the entry way before:

As you can see, I originally added a few pieces to dress it up some but I wasn't completely satisfied.

And now for the NEW AND IMPROVED entry way. At least, I think so. Your opinion is your own of course. 

I had added the Pinterest inspired light quite awhile ago but it just blended into the background since everything was so light. It really stands out now.

The tall background and door were painted Really Red (Valspar) with some random Bistro White (Valspar) lines on it. The remaining walls have also been painted white.

I'm thinking about painting this cabinet black. What do you think? 

New paper for the calendar background. Can't go wrong with glitter paper!

The photos on the upper and lower walls haven't changed but I'm thinking about swapping them out for some black and white prints instead.

 I painted a new painting to better tie in with the new colors. I saw one like it at Hobby Lobby but wanted a different paint style (there's looked like a heavy acrylic or oil). I'm currently loving umbrellas. Despite the rain we get here, I don't really every use one though. Just a sidenote...

 We are in a split-level house so when you enter you can go up or downstairs. The main living areas and bedrooms are upstairs but you can look down at the downstairs hallway. It's not officially part of the entry way but I wanted to update it since it is visible.

This hallway is really quite narrow and has 5 doors. I had tried hanging up a kids artwork display and had planned to rehang it after adding color but both kids vetoed that idea. Apparently there were not a fan of my previous installment.

I used some paint I had on hand to paint the lower half of the wall yellow. Another side-note: When we moved in 12 years ago, that was the color I had painted the entry way. It was ALOT of yellow for that small space. Now you know why I quickly jumped to pastels.

I used a re-positional vinyl wall-covering I found at Target to cover the top half of the wall. It was reasonable easy to apply, although it would have been much easier with a helper. The black line dividing the two's electrical tape. It was the perfect width, inexpensive and pretty similar to the texture of the wall covering.

The art work was from the entry way prior to the update. I painted those when we moved in. Nothing fancy but it added some color.

Sorry for the oddly angled photos. It's hard to get a good shot of a narrow hall.

I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. It feels so much cleaner and the bright colors give me energy. Now onto the rest of the house!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Robinhood & the Sherwood Hoodies - Photos

I won't even tell you how many blog posts I have saved in draft form just waiting for final pictures or edits. But I have been remiss in finishing any of them up. One thing or another has cropped up and there they sit. Some becoming irrelevant, others just waiting for their chance to be shared.

Since, I'm still terribly behind on taking and editing pictures of my own, I thought I would share some pictures taken by Christopher Fotos. ( I can't find a website to link for credit anywhere but did purchase rights for the photos.)

Anique tried a two week drama camp last summer and loved it. When auditions came up for the year-long program she was ready to go for it. She was cast in the role of Ghengis in the studios production of Robinhood and the Sherwood Hoodies. As you can tell from the name, it's a farce of the standard Robinhood. And it's a musical.

Ghengis is one of the king's cronies. He's also in charge of the dungeon. He has a strange obsession with the king and can often be seen petting him when he's not away torturing someone.

The full show will be performed in May. They have a few small performaces before then and it's been fun seeing it all come together.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Gasworks Glory

I have been playing email tag with D. on and off since last year. He had purchased my Groupon but couldn't find a date or location that worked.

We finally set a date and they picked Gasworks Park for the site. I was worried because it had been so rainy that week but fortunately the rain held off. There was some wind coming off the water but we did get some sun breaks too. Amazing!

It was great to photograph this couple. They were both comfortable in front of the camera and you could tell they enjoyed being together. That makes for the best sessions. 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hawks Holiday Photo

I first photographed this sweet family last year when they were a family of 3. This year they had a theme and a new addition to their family. I loved the sweaters! They were all so cute. 

The boys got quite chilled out in the cold air. We had snowfall the day before and temperatures were in the mid-20's at most.  I pulled a spare blanket out of my car to help E. keep warm between shots but it was still COLD.

It was a quick session but we made the most of the time. We tried to move fast and stay warm.

I tried to play a little with the color on  a few of the photos to really showcase the Seahawks theme. The 12th man is alive and well in this family!

I love this picture! I thought it was a good representation of motherhood. Both boys were cold and upset. She just cuddled them both up and went with the flow. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily: Day 1-4

I have been a blog reader for several years. There are several activities that come up year after year. Different bloggers all join in. Most I don't do because I lack organization.

One of the challenges each year is December Daily which was created by Ali Edwards.  The challenge is to document each day in December up until Christmas. To take a few quick minutes out of the chaotic holiday schedule to pause and reflect on the day. On what you've done that day, and what you plan for the next. 

Most of my pictures have been taken with my phone. Not having to touch up or convert images makes it easier to print them daily and go day by day. 

And, now that I FINALLY updated the firmware on my Canon MG5320 printer, I can use AirPrint to send photos directly from my phone to the printer. To stray slightly off track..Can I tell you how much I love this printer? I love how quickly it prints daily documents. I'm so happy with the ease of printing directly onto discs without a label (with appropriate discs). And now, with AirPrint installed, it's extra amazing!!! (this isn't an endorsement, just my enthusiastic opinion). 

Here's what I have so far..  Yes, I know, it's only up to Day 4,but hey, it seems longer. maybe because someways there's not much to talk about (unless i document about the laundry I did or the lunch I packed) for kiddo 2. I remembered to take my pictures for Day 5-7 but need to get them put in the book. 

I'm thinking about try to do a Project Life album next year but have some reservations. 1.-would/could I keep up? 2.-do I do enough interesting things to fill an album?

My pages aren't fabulous like some I've seen, but at least they are done and journaled.

Do you have any craft ideas you're thinking about starting? 

Friday, November 14, 2014


It's always fun to see them all dressed up for the dance. As you can see, photo sessions are a bit more relaxed than in the past. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Banks Lake

As a family, we haven't been camping in several years. And even then we hadn't been tent camping as a family ever. 

We were invited to join another family at Banks Lake for a long weekend in September. We gathered up supplies, kind of just winging it as we went. Loaded up the car and set off in a small caravan to the other side of the mountains. 

Test one was setting up a borrowed tent in the dark by flashlight. I think we did pretty well and it was still standing in morning so I judged it a success. 

We all had fun cooking, hanging out and doing lots of activities. The family we went with camps often and was able to give suggestions. They also provided most of the entertainment. 

We travelled the lake by boat, inner tubed  and the big kids played on the jet skis. B and E had just completed testing for and obtained their boating licenses. Anique joined in on the paddle boat. 

There were also quads for the more adventurous. And those who didn't mind a lot of dust and dirt. 

Overall the trip was fun and everyone had a fun, relaxing weekend. 

We finished off our last day there with a hike up Steamboat Rock. It was a steep, hot, no shade, climb up but the view at the top was incredible! 

Bailey carried Ruppy with his injured paw up and down the whole way. Lily and Marcel were hiking champions. Lily cracked me up by wedging herself under sagebrush at every stop to get any available shade. She also would turn and bark at me if I wasn't moving fast enough on the way down. 

It was a great weekend with friends and family.  

Rest stop dog walker

Stray kittens at the gas station. The kids lobbied hard for adoption.

This is the face Anique makes when she doesn't want her picture taken.

Yes, he plays soccer even while camping.

Killing time waiting for the quad riders to come back. 

Bailey carried Ruppy for the entire hike