Thursday, May 1, 2014

Desk Delight


In the continuing saga of studio furniture makeovers...we have the desk. Formerly I had a huge desk with matching bookshelf. I got this much more compact desk from work. They were updating one of the offices and going to donate it. I neglected to take a decent before picture. It has more than a few dings and scratches but is sturdy and well put together.

Once again, in order to unify it with the rest of the room, it needed a makeover. I painted the legs white and finished the top in the same black onx Glidden paint as my mail center

It looked cute but it needed a little pizzazz. My silver leafing supplies were out from another project so I dug through my templates and found a fun, random chevron pattern. 

I applied the adhesive through the stencil to the front facer board. A little while later I started laying my leaf over the dried adhesive (follow the rules on the packaging). I found that it didn't brush off very cleanly in some areas. I'm thinking this is because I did the process too soon after applying the black latex paint. It was dry to the touch but I think it would have been more successful if I had done it after a few days when the black paint had cured. 

Overall I'm still happy with how it came out. It looks much more modern now and my awesome bright file folders look snazzy in top. (hmm, I guess I didn't get a photo of those either.)