Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chair Restyle

I've managed to complete a few projects over the past couple of weeks despite the overwhelming fatigue I've been feeling. I've finally managed to stay up past 9 pm so I can write about them.
If you've been considering a make-over for your dining room chairs, I would highly recommend it. It's a low budget way to add color or just freshen up the room. All you need is a screwdriver, a couple yards of fabric and a handy-dandy staple gun.
Use the screw driver to remove the seats from the chair frame. You can choose to remove the original fabric or just cover over it. Center your seat on the fabric face down. Pull the center of one side around and staple it in place on the bottom. Now, do the same on the opposite side. Then the other two sides. Continue alternating from side to side. This will ensure the fabric is pulled equally and make for a much smoother appearance. I clipped my corners so the fabric there wouldn't be so bulky. Once you've stapled the fabric on securely, screw the seats back onto the frame and you're done.
Our dining room set was previously my moms, I was in fourth grade when we got it. Needless to say that was a few years ago. Two of the chairs seats were broken and not suitable for sitting on anymore. My dear co-worker volunteered her husband to cut out new bottoms for me. He took one of my old chair bottoms, traced two new seats out of plywood and even sent home a piece of cushion for me. I cut the cushion into the shape of the bottom (traced with sharpie and used scissors to cut).
I bought two yards of fabric and it was just right for covering four chairs. About 1/2 yard per chairs works out perfectly. The fabric was wide as well so that helped. Since you only need a couple or yards, I have found the remnant table is an affordable place to find fabric.
I took a little walk down memory lane as I pulled off the old fabric. The tan brocade was the most recent chair covering. Beneath that was the previous fabric a sturdy, textured blue. It matched the navy/royal blue wall at the time. I've changed my decorating style since then. At the very bottom was the original fruit fabric from when my mom bought the set. There have been additional fabrics as well (my mom did teach me how to cover chairs) but it was all removed before I put the blue on.
It's amazing how much our tastes and styles change over the years. I'm so happy with the bright colorful fabric now in place. I did two chairs with the oversized leaves and two with the coordinating stripes. Not so cooincidentally, this fabric is part of the same Better Homes and Garden line as the entry way chair. Hopefully I'm not getting too matchy matchy but it's so pretty I couldn't resist.