Thursday, February 9, 2017

Laundry Room Ideas

We have been in our house for over 15 years. Over time we have painted, styled and project-ed our way through most of the rooms.

However, there are two rooms that remain unfinished. One is a spare bedroom which has been dry-walled but never taped and mudded. It has turned into the kids TV room. They aren't too concerned with aesthetics so it's okay.

The other room is our laundry room. It is attached to a full bath (which is finished). Considering the amount of time we spend doing laundry it's kind of crazy that we haven't ever gotten around to finishing it. I'm not sure exactly what the plan is yet but I've been stalking Pinterest for ideas. I'm leaning heavily towards black tile for the floors. Here's a few that I'm really love. Links to the sources are beneath each photo.

What do think about black floors? I'm happy with how our black bathroom upstairs turned out upstairs so I think it could work.