Thursday, February 2, 2017

OLW Health: Quarter One

This picture has nothing to do with my post but it's pretty.

As I posted in my One Little Word post earlier this month, I am focusing on HEAL this year. After working on living my word the past few weeks, I've decided to update that word to HEALTH. I think it better expresses my desire to establish a healthy way of living. It's a word with a future, not just a goal.

I'm breaking it down by quarter so I can strongly focus on one aspect at a time and build up to all around health. The first quarter will be focused on Physical Health.

Some of my first quarter goals for 2017:

  • Lose weight - I know, I know. So cliche. I've made a good start on this goal and am working on watching my calories and eating a well rounded meal. If you follow my Instagram you may have seen photos. It's pretty repetitive but at this point it's working for me and I'm okay with eating it. Generally, my lunch and dinner consist of a veggie (usually tomatoes), a small portion of fruit (strawberries or an apple), 3-4 oz of meat (steak, pork, chicken breast) and a light carb (Melba toast is my favorite). And the trick... journal it all. That way if you cheat and grab an extra snack you still feel accountable.
  • Pain management - I frequently hurt and ache. All over. My joints and muscles/tendons complain when I don't do enough and if I do too much. I know much of this is due to not doing enough to keep them limber and strong. In the past I have tried to start off working out as if I had never stopped. This usually ends in pulled muscles and more pain. This time around I'm going to build up my endurance. And I need to remember to stretch. 
  • Fatigue - Lastly, I'm working to rid myself of fatigue. I realize this might not be completely a physical goal. I'm certain some of it is mental/emotional (that's a different quarter). Step one though is to feed my body healthy foods and have healthy activities as a base. I'm already starting to feel more energetic most days. 
Ultimately, I am striving to make my body healthy and strong. And hey, I wouldn't mind feeling confident enough in my legs to comfortable wear shorts again. Get ready lunges, I'm coming for you. (Ick).

Have you set your one little word yet? If so, how are you planning to incorporate it into your life this year? Have you started?