Thursday, January 5, 2017

3 Favorite Cardigan Sweaters

I'm really, really not a fan of the traditional cardigan sweater. The word cardigan kind of makes me cringe. But with that said, there are a few I have been wearing non-stop this winter.

1. GNW Long Cardigan

This isn't exactly the same as the one I have but it's the same brand and style. My mom bought me mine for Christmas and it's more of a knit fabric. It's super soft and comfortable. I can wear it layered over jeans on the weekend or throw it over my dress pants during the week.

2. Mixed Knit Layered Sweater 

I purchased this one just before Christmas and love it. It has a more tailored feel and the shorter length still keeps you warm but is stylish enough for work too.

3. Multi Wrap Open Front Sweater

This cardigan is amazingly versatile. It is longer in front and shorter in back. I have worn it loose, one end thrown over my shoulder, tied in front, crossed and tied in back, and used a bangle. There are several videos for inspiration on YouTube and I also found some inspiration here.

I also have a Simply Vera Ruffled Cardigan from a few years ago that is in the rotation. I couldn't find a picture online anywhere and didn't have a picture of me wearing it. I tend to be behind the camera, not in front of it.

There are a few others I have seen online or while shopping but haven't invested in. I haven't been strictly following my capsule wardrobe but I do try to limit how many pieces I have in my closet at one time.

Do you have any cardigans that you are loving this year?