Thursday, January 26, 2017

Greenery: Accessories

You  may have heard by now that the Pantone Color of 2017 is Greenery. Perhaps you've wondered how you can incorporate this vibrant and happy green into your life. No? It wasn't really on your mind? Well, don't worry I have some ideas for you regardless. Let's start with accessories and how you can just dip your toe in the Greenery trend.

Here's a few cute things I found.

1. Green diamonds. Yes, please. Small, sparkly and just a pop of color. Ken bought me a similar style ring with blue diamonds this Christmas and I love it. 

2. This cheerful scarf ushers in Spring.

3. I have yet to own a pair of Tieks but I have heard nothing but good things. These comfy shoes come in a pretty green too. Looking for a brighter shade. They have one.

4. A pop of color on your wrist is a good way to work in the color. There are tons of wrist band options for Apple and Samsung watches too.

Other accessory ideas: hats, bracelets, funky socks/tights, earrings. So many little ways to bring in the green.

Pantone 2017 Color of the Year