Monday, July 6, 2015

Lemonade Stand & Mini-Sessions

Ken and I got a new bed several months ago. We picked it up when we bought our new living room furniture. It was kind of an impulse buy but fits well with the more contemporary look we've been working on lately.

The headboard and frame for our previous bed, which we made a few summers ago had been hanging out in the garage awaiting a new fate. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it and no-one we knew needed a new bed or a bed for a spare bedroom. I didn't just want to get rid of it though because I hate to see good wood go to waste.

But Ken's garage was turning into a hoarders paradise of miscellaneous furniture and project wood. Both kids had decided they were over the loft bed stage. We had made Anique a new bed. It will be revealed in the next week or so (unless you've already seen it on Instagram). 

I sold Bailey's bed on Offer Up. My in-laws took Anique's bed to use for my niece and nephew. So, now what to do with the one remaining bed? Well, when it's being stored upside down it looks a little different...kind of like the front of a lemonade stand, right? No? Don't you see it? 

Here it was before the transformation, looking all nice and pretty in our bedroom.

And here it was before we did the floors and put the mattress on.

Sadly, I did not take any photos during the process. I decided to do it while Ken was at work one Saturday. I am proud to say I did quite well with the Skill Saw, a previously untried tool for me. Anique, wearing her awesome Spider-man costume, assisted me when I needed extra hands.

The top of the headboard became the bottom. I took off a side board and trim from one side and cut the boards down so it wouldn't be quite so wide. The new width is about 4 feet total. I then re-attached the trim and sides. I used 1" x 4" wood to extend up for the new sign I was adding. The "sign" board is made from MDF I had left over from Anique's bed.

I used the same Walnut stain I had left over from the original bed project to stain the new wood pieces and painted the sign with chalkboard paint.

The backdrop is astro-turf. I had been looking everywhere for some affordable turf and had resigned myself to coming up with an alternative option because it was out of my budget. Then one of my co-workers was talking about a huge roll of turf she needed to get rid of. They had bought it to re-turf the batting cage but never got to it. She is clearing everything out in preparation to sell their house when they retire.

Price: Free. Just needed to pick up!!! Yes, of course I offered her a set of free pictures for the grand-children. 

Here it is all set up for the mini-sessions I'm holding July 18th & 19th. 

 Fresh lemons and limes are essential

Fabric pom-pom streamer

A few paper fans in various sizes

Oh, and you can use it as an actual lemonade stand too. There is a hinged shelf on the back that flips up. Just need to pop the legs into the brackets to hold it up and it's fully functional. Here's Anique and Soulea patiently waiting for customers in the 87 degree heat. Snapped this from the car as I was heading out to the bead store. Managed to catch Anique with her eyes closed on both photos I took. Oops!

Have you transformed any furniture into something completely different? I would love to hear!