Friday, June 5, 2015

Pirate Party

Anique decided she wanted a pirate theme this year for her birthday. With the help of Pinterest and Hobby Lobby I think we did a pretty good job pulling it off.

Since we were going to host the party at home, I put together a few crafts to keep them busy. There was of course also a nice pirate flag flying outside the front door so her guests could find us. 

I picked up some pirate accessories: eye patches, tattoos, mini swords, bandannas and mustaches (because who has time to shave on a pirate ship). 

Then I picked up several plain white tees. The kids used scissors to pirate-ize their shirts. Ragged hems were cut and then they added their selected props. I think they looked so great!

Snacks included: Cannon balls (olives), Fish & Chips (gold fish & potato chips), Pirate Jewels (melon balls in a watermelon pirate ship) and hard tack (graham crackers). 
I learned watermelon carving is not my area of expertise. 

Finally, I had picked up some plain brown paper "fry boxes" to hold the party favors. I put the party favors in cellophane bags and set them aside.  I set out mustache stickers and markers and they had fun decorating their boxes. When they were done I just dropped the bag of treats inside and voila!

The cake came from the store crooked. I'm not sure if this was Bailey's driving skills (he was super helpful and picked it up for me) or if it started off that way. I ordered a plain white cake and decorated the top using food color "paint". I'm sure I took a better picture of it but I can only find the hand-pirate selfie version.

It was fun to see it all come together and the kids had a great time! Pinterest is definitely a good resource for ideas but as always, mine never look quite the same...