Sunday, March 1, 2015

Robinhood & the Sherwood Hoodies - Photos

I won't even tell you how many blog posts I have saved in draft form just waiting for final pictures or edits. But I have been remiss in finishing any of them up. One thing or another has cropped up and there they sit. Some becoming irrelevant, others just waiting for their chance to be shared.

Since, I'm still terribly behind on taking and editing pictures of my own, I thought I would share some pictures taken by Christopher Fotos. ( I can't find a website to link for credit anywhere but did purchase rights for the photos.)

Anique tried a two week drama camp last summer and loved it. When auditions came up for the year-long program she was ready to go for it. She was cast in the role of Ghengis in the studios production of Robinhood and the Sherwood Hoodies. As you can tell from the name, it's a farce of the standard Robinhood. And it's a musical.

Ghengis is one of the king's cronies. He's also in charge of the dungeon. He has a strange obsession with the king and can often be seen petting him when he's not away torturing someone.

The full show will be performed in May. They have a few small performaces before then and it's been fun seeing it all come together.