Friday, March 27, 2015

New Painting

As the wall colors change in the house, it has become very apparent that the art work needs an update too. First, there was a new painting for the entry way. The old paintings were re-located to the downstairs hallway.

The painting that originally hung in the dining area has been moved to our bedroom for the time being. Its colors were a bit too warm and beachy for the newly painted space.

I hosted a Craft Night again last weekend and worked on a new painting as my craft. Hopefully next time, I'll remember to take a couple of pictures. It's pretty awesome to have a room full of girls and women who are just chatting and working on crafts of all kinds.

Our house has a pretty open layout upstairs with the kitchen, dining area and living room all in one open space. I wanted something casual but inspiring. And something that would flow with the new brighter colors.

It's where the kids get ready each morning before school, you can see it from the living room where we hang out at night. And lately, I've been working at the kitchen table because it's sooooo cold downstairs.