Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easter Preparations

Several months ago Anique, Ellie and Soulea helped make several papier "eggs". 

Okay, I'll admit it, you caught me, I wasn't being super organized and ahead of schedule. They were supposed to be made into a garland of large ornaments for Christmas time. By the time they had dried I was onto other projects and they sat neglected in my office. 

We used balloons for the shape and covered them using white copy paper and mixture of flour and water for the paste mixture. 

The girls took advantage of the relatively nice weather and took their painting project outside. The each chose a few pastel colors and voila! the intended ornaments became Easter eggs. Now I just need to assemble my backdrop and it's time for Easter pictures.

I love these two girls. Despite the age difference, they work well together and will chat up a storm while they work. Ellie is super sweet and patient with Anique. 

Bailey and Lily hung outside with them for a little bit too.