Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birthday on the Town

Ken took the day off for his birthday. I played hookie as well and we spent the day just puttering around. Running a couple of errands and just hanging out in general.  The weather looked a little spotty but it stayed dry for most of the day. There were a few sprinkles as evidenced by Ken's hood above. Check out that glowing smile. Really, he was having fun. He just has something against smiling in pictures. 

We hit Starbucks to start and then headed downtown. We explored Pike Place Market for a little while. There's a cute neighborhood public garden in the midst of the market. Then we headed down to the pier. Admired the scenery and the Ferris Wheel before walking down the sidewalk in search of a spot for lunch.

After a good lunch we headed home to just hangout and celebrated with the kids.