Monday, August 11, 2014

Bringing New Life to an Old Deck

We bought our house in 2001. It was brand -new construction and while everything was new and in great shape, it needed lots of personalization. At least in my opinion. Ken says I've "Heather-ized" the house.

After 13 years though, some things are due for an update or repairs. Our deck was looking pretty shabby. I'm hoping we can rebuild it next year and maybe expand it but in the meantime it just needed some freshening up.

My father-in-law was kind enough to come over one afternoon and pressure wash the pickets and decking so we had a clean canvas to start with. I re-stained the pickets the same color they were previously because I still had plenty of stain on hand.

The decking I stained with an all-over color, Pewter. The following day I laid out my "rug" pattern with painters tape. I then painted my yellow and blue stripes. Again I waited a day for drying and re-taped so I could add the white stripes.

I created what my daughter called a "polka-dot maker" from a piece of transparency film and a circle cutter I had on hand. You could probably use card stock or even cardboard if that's what you have handy. The trick is just to make sure you don't move  your template once you place it down. I used a foam brush for the dots so I could dab the paint on and reduce the risk of seepage under the edges of the template.

I did spray the back of my template with spray adhesive but since the deck surface is not completely even it didn't really adhere well.

Once everything was dry, we brought up our new bench. Why yes, it does look startlingly like my old desk but shorter. Imagine that.

I replanted my mint and basil into new separate containers since the mint was taking over the shared planter. I found the new planters at Joann's. Couldn't pass up the 70% off + an additional 20% off sale they were having. Add the 12th man gnome and what more can you ask. And plus the gnome proves I haven't completely Heather-ized everything.

Next up were a couple of pillows for the bench. I made simple envelope style pillow covers so they will be easy to wash. I hope to make a few more so it's extra cushy.