Saturday, May 10, 2014

M is for . . .

You may or may not remember the letters I made previously.

I loved how they came out and was inspired to make a few more. Fueled with enthusiasm, I headed to the craft store to pick up a few more letters. Then proceeded to ignore them for several months. 

I created my mail station for packaging and preparing my photo orders for shipping. Looking to dress it up a little, I looked through my letters and realized I had the right ones to spell M A I L out. They were different sizes but I was okay with that. 

The fun part was picking out papers that would compliment the turquoise walls and orangey accents I'm trying to incorporate in the room. A little gloss medium and Washi tape helped bring them together. 

I really like how they came out so far. The edges will be painted to finish them and an inspirational word added to them but for now they are a pretty addition to this cheery space.