Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bright Eyes and a Big Smile

It was a beautiful sunny weekend and I had a need to get in some photos but Bailey was somewhere with a friend and Anique was out with her grandparents. Ken is not a willing photo subject so not to be deterred, I sent out a text to the neighbor (mom of Anique's best friend) and borrowed a kid.
Anique and M are inseparable. They have been fortunate to be in the same class the past two years and are in constant communication. It has been fun watching these two girls grow up together. Girls are most definitely different than little boys (I know. duh!)
M is almost always happy. She has an infectious laugh and is super high energy. You always know what's on her mind. I love that she is never afraid to ask questions.
Listening to the two of them together dreaming and planning always brightens my day. These two are going to conquer the world.
If you follow me on Facebook you saw a sneak peak of these last week. Here's the complete mini-session from our photos session in the yard.