Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little Bit of Organizing

This weekend I was determined to get some long neglected projects taken care of.
We have long had a junk drawer. When we bought our house in 2001 it was new construction. The builders threw some spare parts into a drawer in the kitchen in case we needed them for finishing the downstairs. At the time, we were just moving in and didn't have a spot to put away all these bits and pieces so we left them in the drawer. And then over the years all our other bits and pieces would get tossed in there. Then it expanded to the drawer next to it (not pictured).
We've gone throught the contents a few times and added pencil boxes. We seem to have an abundance of writing implements. Finally, Saturday evening I decided I had had enough. I headed to Target and picked up two sets of these mesh organizers. Everything has a place now and while we could definitely cut back on the number of pens and pencils we have it's a major improvements.
The organizers were kind of a tight fit. I'm thinking these bamboo expandable ones would have been a good choice too. If I update the drawer in the future this is what I would pick.
 What projects did you do this weekend?