Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Texture Tuesday: Perfectly Imperfect

Textured with Kim Klassen's kk_0303 and kk-Luminous
It took me awhile to find a photo for this week's Texture Tuesday. I thought of maybe using some outtakes. Goodness knows I have lots of those.
Eventually, I opened up a folder from a few years ago. One mostly comprised of raw photos that I hadn't been able to convert because I was using Photoshop CS3 and couldn't convert them efficiently. I've since upgraded but hadn't revisited my old folders. It was a trip down memory lane. Wow, have things changed.
I'm not sure who took the photo above. One of the kids or Ken most likely. There was lots of background clutter and the lighting was funky but this is probably the last photo of my grandpa and I together before he passed away just a few days later.
The photo itself may not be perfect (nor even my processing) but the memory is a wonderful one.