Monday, April 7, 2014

Texture Tuesday: For the Love of the Beach

Textured using kk_may, kk_enlightened, kk_3003
During our trip to southern California we took a morning away from Disneyland to go to Santa Monica to play on the beach. Both of the kids enjoyed playing in the water and Anique drew her name in the sand.

In the picture above she is working on the "I" while her brother is playing in the water in the background.

I love the beach for the peaceful sound of the water, the warm sun and toasty sand under my feet.

Anique is my water baby and could play in the water and sand for endless hours if we let her. She is the same way at the pool, she'll swim and dive forever. Long after the other kids have gotten bored and gone in search of other entertainment. Ken and I find this rather amusing since as a baby she would scream all the way through bath time. It's strange how kids change as they get older.

The weather if finally starting to warm up and dry out here in the NW as well and soon we'll be able to play on our own beaches. Although the water is quite a bit cooler.