Sunday, April 6, 2014

Randomness: The Real You

I'm introducing a new feature. My goal is to ask a random question each Sunday. I'll share my answer and hopefully you will share yours with me.
You can respond in the comments section or link up to your photo or blog page answering the question. Please link back the post directly, not your home page.
Okay, here goes:
Question: When you're wearing it, what type of clothing makes you feel the most like the real you?

The photo above is a good representation of the real me. (Pardon the finger blur in the corner. Bailey took this with a cell phone.)

I'm am truly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I'm all about layering lightweight tees over tanks.(I have tanks/camisols in several colors. I have been known to have cheesy tees. The one above is a Marvel shirt with several characters on it. Yes, it's geeky but so comfy and me.

I don't have a favorite brand right now. I'm a little on my heavier side so I look for something slimming and still comfortable. Yes, I do dress up for work and when going out, but for everyday me, this is it.

What about you? What makes you do you wear when you want to feel the most like the real you? Please share. (Pretty please.)