Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY Chicken Wire Bulletin Board

I recently started the process of transforming the playroom into a studio/office space. It's twice as big as the room I was using previously. I'm trying to use space more wisely and make the most of vertical space as well.
If you are a crafter as well, you may also find that you manage to accumulate a lot of "stuff". Items and bits that may have potential some day in the future. I gathered up some pieces and put together a nice little bulletin board.
Chicken wire from an outdoor project years and years ago. A thin poster frame whose glass was broken in a move. My handy dandy staple gun.
I stapled the chicken wire to the back of the frame and used wire cutters to clip any wire that was overhanging the edge. And that was it, a lightweight bulletin board ready for clips.
I used bright colored plastic-coated paperclips to attach my cards to the board but you could use other types of clips as well. It's flanked by my magnetic boards from Ikea.
I'm so happy to have a space to display my cards. They've been stuck in a drawer for years. I collected the set from HOW magazine. Yes, their a little offbeat but I love them.