Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Throw Pillows

Have you been looking for a little something to spruce up a chair or add dimension to your headboard? I have just the project. And the best part, it's super simple and quick. I've been considering changing a few things around the house lately and was just wandering the Internet and found inspiration here and here.
Now you can use sweaters you have already. Perhaps they are no longer your look or they had an unfortunate run-in with the dryer. You can also thrift a few sweaters that match your house. With spring coming, it might be fun to choose a pastel cardigan or two.
Here's how these came together:
Pillow form
Make sure the sweater you choose is large enough to cover the pillow form. The forms condense when you push them in so there is a little bit of wiggle room with sizing.
  • Cut your sweater off just beneath the arms in a straight line. 
  • Turn inside out and stitch the top along the cut edge.
  • Stitch partially across the bottom edge leaving an opening for the pillow form to go in.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Put pillow form inside the your new cover.
  • Stitch remaining opening folding rough edges inside.
You can choose to sew with a machine or by hand. I did my larger seams with a machine and finished closing the bottom by hand.

Wait! You don't have a sewing machine and all those small stitches seem like too much work? 
No problem.  Below is the quickie version.
  • Cut your sweater as instructed above.
  • Cut several lengths ribbon to about 1 1/2 times the width of your pillow. You can choose how many stripes you want. I chose to alternate my ribbon colors.
  • Thread your ribbon onto a large plastic needle.
  • Weave it through the top edge to "sew" the top closed. Your stitches should be close enough to seal it but large enough that you can seen the ribbon peeking in and out. Tie the ends with a knot large enough to keep the ribbon from un-weaving.
  • Place your pillow form inside.
  • Use your needle to "sew" the bottom closed with your ribbon. Tie ends with knots.
  • Now you can weave additional pieces of ribbon through the front to decorate.
  • Voila! You have a pretty pillow to throw.