Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gallery Showing

Do you every wonder what you should do with all those masterpieces brought home from school by the your little creative geniuses?
Now, back in the day, I was all about scrapbooking them (or if they were large--scanning them into a smaller size and then scrapbooking the copies). However, I have fallen off the wagon and recently came upon a large pile of artwork.
Ken had recently mentioned that he thought we needed something in our empty, plain downstairs hallway. The discovery prompted me to reflect back on a gallery style display using curtain rods I once saw on Pinterest. Perhaps they used towel bars, I don't remember exactly. I happened to have curtain rods on hand so that's what I used.
I love when a project comes together and I spent less than $10.
I chose to offset my two curtain rods and used curtain rings with small clips on them so we can change out the art as new works come home. I had a few hangers already but picked up a second pack at Target.
Anique and I finished this project in under a half an hour. We used a level to ensure our the curtain rods were hung straight. She held one end while I screwed in the first side and then held the level to make sure it was straight when I put the second side up. Then repeat for the next curtain rod.
You want to make sure you allow enough space between the two curtain rods to hang your artwork. I placed mine approximately 18 inches apart.
We went through the pile of art work and chose our favorites and voila! an instant art gallery. The best part is it is super easy to change out pieces as new ones come home. Since last week, the heart has been replaced by a snowman piece.