Monday, January 20, 2014

Studio Light Practice

This Fall and Winter I have been blessed to have seen my business grow. I have learned a little bit more with each shoot. More about how to capture the light, how to relax the client and more about post-processing.

I have also learned that the weather here in the Northwest is inconsistent. I have learned that being a natural light photographer can be challenging come November. Cold and wind, no problem. A bit of drizzle, rough on hair, but it can be overcome. Downpour, now that is a problem. We're not talking about a shower, but consistent steady rain. Rain that lasts for days.

So, I have been dreaming. Dreaming of indoor shoots during the off-season. Dreams of theme shoots.

Fortunately, I have a husband who supports my dreams and who several months ago gave me an Amazon gift certificate. I supplemented it just a little bit and have successfully set up my first indoor studio. Granted, it's basic and it's definitely beginner grade but it provides a wonderful learning environment.

For under $150 I purchased a backdrop frame, a white muslin backdrop, two umbrella lights, a background light, and a trigger/receiver set (which sadly is not compatible with my external flash unit).
I dragged the girls down for an impromptu shoot before bedtime and snagged Bailey a little later for a mandatory shoot.
What I learned:
My shots all look a little overexposed. I believe I need to move the lights back further. (Need to clean up a little to make more room).
I placed the background light and the sparkle shows up nicely in Anique's hair but I feel I need to place the light a bit higher. It also needs to be on the other side so the backdrop is darker behind the bright side of the face. Right now I have the light balance backwards.
In the shot of both girls, Anique's face is casting shadow onto Soulea's face. I need to position my models better and work on light placement with multiple subjects.


And yes, Bailey's hair is a lovely yellow, orange color. You have to pick your battles when they are 15 years old. Hair grows out, right?