Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's Get Studious

I've showed pictures of my office space before. You know it's not a pretty space. It won't be getting "pinned" any time soon. Unless it's on a what to avoid board.

Ken and I have been discussing doing an overhaul on how we use our downstairs space. It started off with us joking and then the ideas started flowing. Our house is a split-level and the bedrooms, kitchen, living room are all upstairs. Honestly we hardly ever go downstairs unless we're doing laundry (read digging through the dryer for clean pants). 

My office is downstairs and tends to collect clutter. Not sure where something should go.  "Put it in your mom's office" is a regular refrain.

The playroom also underwent some re-organizing last summer. Anique occasionally goes down if she has her cousin over, but it's mostly lonely and unused as well.

Playroom Before

With all that said, we are looking into converting the playroom space into a larger office/studio space for me and Ken would like to use the the smaller room as a "man cave". 

Right now I'm stocking up on inspiration on Pinterest

If the TV moves downstairs that opens up some design opportunities for the living room too. Maybe making it a cozy reading area? Hmmm...I love a good re-decorating project. On a budget, of course. 

Do you have any inspiration to share for a studio/office space?