Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Power of Pretty Plates

Treats always taste better when they are displayed on a pretty plate, or a tier of plates.

When planning a tea party shoot I wanted a pretty centerpiece to decorate the table. Something with a bit of height to add visual interest.

I found these pretty plates at Fred Meyer in the clearance section. The clearance shelf had an assortment of individual plates in different colors and patterns. The plates were sold by themselves and there weren't enough of any one pattern to create a complete set but they were perfect for a tower of plates.

I chose a large blue plate for the base and then two smaller plates with different patterns but the coordinating color.

I had seen Pinterest posts with cake stands made with wine glasses or candlesticks. I couldn't find candlesticks in my price range (didn't have time to make an extra trip to Dollar Tree).

I found a couple of small clear tea light votives. Perfect!

I gathered up my E-6000 industrial glue and went to work.


1 large plate
2 small plates
2 small votives
Industrial strength glue


Clean your surfaces, remove any labels or glue

Apply glue to the bottom of each votive.

Glue one to the bottom of each small plate (centered)

Let dry completely.

Once dry, apply glue to the rim of each votive.

Stack plates to complete the tier and allow to dry completely before using or moving.

Perfect for your holiday party or a tea party in the woods.