Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Texture Tuesday - Pumpkin

Textured with KK Anna
Do you like the bumpy, warty pumpkins? The green pumpkins? White pumpkins? Or do you prefer a classic smooth, evenly ridged orange pumpkin?
I personally like the texture of the bumpy pumpkins. They come in all different colors and it's like being automatically decorated. No carving required. Okay, so you could carve them but eeew, it's so slimy.
I do like to paint the smooth pumpkins. Usually, I paint designs or faces on them. Although this year, I have seen lots of pumpkins with chalkboard paint and am thinking of trying it out.
Yes, I just bought my first can of chalkboard paint. I'm a little late to the trend. Now I can't decide what I'm going to paint first. It might as well be a pumpkin, right?