Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

 I'm still without internet/wireless on my laptop and so it's taking me a bit to get my posts up. Having to go through a bit if a process to get my photos loaded. Thanks for your patience!

The kids carved their pumpkins a couple if weeks ago. This year they both decided to go with a Monsters Inc. theme.

It all started as we were browsing Google images for pumpkin inspiration. (Do you do this?) We came across a Mike Wazowski pumpkin. Bailey decided it was the perfect design for his green pumpkin. Anique went with the theme and did a Sully pumpkin. No, her pumpkin is not blue. 

Bailey wasn't happy with how his came out and we made a quick dash back to farm for a new pumpkin. Which he has not yet re-carved. He's a little type A but with short focus. I wonder where he gets it...?