Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Lazy Moment Gone Wrong

I am not one to wear my pajamas out in public. Sweats yes. Pajamas no. Tacky right?

Tonight after work, I came home for about half an hour before I had to leave to pick Anique up from cheer. I changed out of my work clothes and because I was freezing (45 degrees is my perception of cold) I decided to change into my fleece pajama bottoms and matching shirt. 

Ken looks at me and asks if I'm really going to pick her up while wearing pajamas. I tell him it's just a couple of moms. It'll be fine. 

I arrive at the school where they are practicing and am not pleasantly surprised to find the school has a big costume party event going on for the kids, and of course the parents with them. The school lights are on. The parking lot is full. And crowds of people are milling and mingling outside. 

Oh crap. I park on the far side of the school and attempt to stick to the shadows as I walk the perimeter of the school to get to where the girls are practicing. I keep my head up and smile confidently at parents as I pass by them like it's no big deal to be walking around in my pajamas at 7:30pm. 

Oh geez! I've learned my lesson. There is never an okay time to leave the house in my pajamas.