Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend was busy as usual with family events and lots of activities with friends. My niece Elizabeth celebrated her 5th birthday at a local park. Bailey had invited Ellie to join us and also asked Chayton, his 2nd cousin, to come up for the day so they could go swimming afterwards at Ellie's house.
They had fun playing together on the playground equipment. Chayton had fun being pushed on the swings and later on the trampoline at Ellie's house. He slept hard that night up on the top bunk with Bailey.
Ken and I spent an evening with friend at a birthday party and enjoyed time out with grown-ups.
Sunday was Boeing Family Day and we spent a several hours of the day touring the factory and seeing how all the planes come together. Afterwards, Ken surprised the kids with Disney Infinity. They were soooo excited to play with all the characters and build their own Disney worlds.
I'm a little sad summer is coming to an end. I like the relaxed schedules and warm weather. It's already amping up with multiple sports practices, games for both kids will begin in the next week and there is so much to finish up before I start working again later this week.
Real life, darn.
I love her freckles