Friday, August 9, 2013

Head for the Hills

We haven't been hiking in a few years. One of our favorite places to hike is up to Denny Creek. It's known for it's natural waterslides. Depending on the time of year, the river can be heavier than others. We've been up there when the current was too strong to slide and other times, like this year, the river is mild and perfect for splashing in. There wasn't enough water to slide on but the current was mild. Most of the rock was dry and we were able to climb up the falls a little ways rather than taking the trail.

Bailey and Ellie assisted Anique with some of the higher rocks and ledges. It was great to get out and have a chance to get exercise and play. I'm really happy to have had the time this summer to spend with the kids.

Here's probably way too many pictures from the day, but it was just too pretty and I couldn't resist.