Monday, July 29, 2013

Give me a V...

This past weekend was Aquafest. The downtown area shuts down mainstreet, the rides go up, artists and vendors display their wares and fun is had by all. You know, the usual, community festival.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather this summer and yesterday was no exception. Anique was participating in the parade this year as a cheerleader.

She was so nervous before the parade but seemed to have a blast once things got going. Of course, afterwards, she had to tell us how the parade is hard work because there is a lot of walking. She cracks me up sometimes.
The car show was on Sunday and we walked through that as well. The strange car below was Anique's favorite and she filled out a ballot to vote for it. Not sure exactly what it is/was, but it was in the Special Interest category.
 And, she took over the camera for a little bit and managed to get a photo of Ken smiling. Mostly because it was a sneak attack and he didn't expect her to have a camera ready. I may have to use this trick again in the future.

Also, here's my latest self photo. Ken willingly let me take his picture too. Yippee! You can see this and some others over on Instagram at #whimsyandlife.