Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Favorite Photo Apps

I switched to an iPhone a couple of months ago. I have to admit it was not love at first sight. I had been very comfortable with my Windows phone but when we changed carriers they didn't have the phone I wanted. I would have had to go without a phone for a week (horror!) and so I made the switch.

I've gotten much more comfortable with it and have to admit there are some really great photo apps available for the iPhone.

Two of my favorites for editing are PicTapGo and Over.

PicTapGo was made by the creators of Totally Rad. Totally Rad is an awesome assortment of customizable filters. PicTapGo works in a similar manner. You can choose the filters you desire and then use the sliders to adjust the strength. Super easy to use and there are tons of options for color, sharpness, contrast, b&w, etc. In my opinion it's a must have. It also lets you take your edited picture and open in another app (such as Over...see below)



The other app I find myself using frequently is Over. I typically use Over to add additional elements to my photos. You can choose to add text or artwork to your images. There are several fonts available in the default as well as additional font packs that can be purchased. I was fortunate enough to catch my update notice an download several more add-ons for free on a weekend special.  There are also several artwork options with fun words, arrows, squiggles, etc that can be placed.

(she says this all the time!)

For posting, I am beginning to use Instagram (yes, I'm late to the party) as well as the actual Blogger app for creating posts on the go. I will often start a draft while I'm away from home and finish it up later on the computer. This is handy while waiting at appointments or other activities where you can't usually get anything constructive done. It's definitely helped me to be more regular with my posting.

These are the two I use almost always. I have a few others that I play with but just for fun and for tormenting my children when they are driving me crazy. Like when you capture that perfect teenager look (you know the one) and turn it into a comic book page that says, "I love my mommy".

What are your favorite apps? Are there any other must have apps I'm missing out on for the iPhone or iPad? Please share!