Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Texture Tuesday - Time Flies

Recently, we switched cell phone companies and my husband (and the store reps) convinced me I should switch to an iPhone (I still miss my Windows Phone). He helped me get it synced with the "family" iPad. We set it up so all of my pictures also went to the iPad.
I picked pictures for the lock screen and the background and all was well. It's given me a chance to look at pictures that I haven't seen in awhile and reminisce on how much the kids have grown and accomplished. Sometimes, it's too easy to store everything away and not look back because of the business of today.
The kids have also been enjoying having the pictures on the iPad. The pretty tulips have long since disappeared on my lock screen. They seem to enjoy finding the craziest "outtakes" of each other and choosing those. I never know what I will see when I turn it on.
The picture above is of Anique when she was just over 3. It's hard to believe she's 9 now. Time really does fly by!
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