Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Bits

I was going through the pictures on my memory card and found this one. I was so excited about making coconut macaroons. I had been craving them for weeks and took photos of the final product and then promptly forgot to post anything.

I ate waaayyy too many of them and will probably avoid coconut macaroons for awhile now. They were super duper easy to make though. I used a modified version of this recipe. I was out of almond extract (I think the last of it went into a batch of playdough) so I used a little extra vanilla instead.

These cookies were super sweet. They would probably be good dipped in chocolate. I had mine out but after a morning of making french toast for 3 teenage boys and a 9 year old with a bottomless stomach I ran out of oomph before the final step.

Ken's dad, Bill, came over and worked with Ken to replace some of the boards on our entry stairs.  So lucky to have family close and with the expertise and motivation to do repairs. I should probably post this on my 365 days of gratitude...but I have to get my little one ready for school. (Photos by Anique)

Also, I made the decision to leave my job after over 10 years. It wasn't a good fit any longer and while I'm nervous about a new beginning, about our budget, about...well you get the point, I'm excited for a new beginning. My desire is to find something more creative. Work on my portfolio and find something that I will enjoy doing for the years to come.
Ken and I have been wearing our FitBits and competing to see who can get more steps. I have to say he is kicking my behind. I'm going to have to step it up (pun intended) to stay on par. This is probably a good thing.
I still haven't gotten my texture tuesday post up but I haven't given up on it yet this week. 
Okay, now officially running late for getting Anique off to school. Can't wait for the school year to be over!