Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day and had an opportunity to relax and celebrate.

I was a bit spoiled this year. We chose to do most of our celebrating yesterday since we knew today would be spent visiting and celebrating our own mothers.

Ken took me to lunch at the Vintage Cafe in Everett while Anique was in drama class. The food is simple but well made. They have all the comfort foods. The building is quite old and there are pictures on the walls of historic Everett sites. We also spent some time exploring the different shops on Hewitt.

Afterwards, we headed home to pick up Bailey and then swung over to pick up Ellie. We headed to downtown Seattle to explore Pike Place Market and look at the ferris wheel on Pier 57. The weather was beautiful and it was much more crowded than last time we were there. We  explored some of the shops. Ken tried coconut almonds and the kids and Ken raced up the stairs coming back up from the pier. Oh my goodness are there a lot of steps. Bailey won the first set of stairs. Ellie won the second race when Bailey missed a step at the top and went sprawling.

The kids took a ride on the carousel and then we headed over to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Yum!

We finished up the night at Funtasia (now part of Bullwinkle's). Ken and the kids raced go-carts. Bailey crashed twice which makes me worry his driving in the near future. Really, I'm only kinda joking. Anique and I played skee-ball while Bailey and Ellie waited for the Max Flight simulator ride. So glad she was there to go on it with him. Last time, I had to go since Anique is too small and there is too large a difference in size between him and Ken. That is motherly love. The same love that had me going on a flying swing ride with Anique last summer. I'm not a fan of heights or being upside down.

I digress. Skee-ball is my most favoritest arcade game ever. Maybe it's because it's so simple I can actually do it and there are no buttons to be pushed. Simple roll and shoot.

It was a great afternoon and evening and I was happy that my family enjoyed it as well. As you know, I wouldn't be celebrating without them.

This morning, Bailey made me breakfast (eggs and strawberry toaster strudel) and Ken ran to the store for purple tulips for the presentation. Anique made me a little purple flower dish. I do love these guys!

These pictures were all shot with my old point-and-shoot camera. It was quick and easy to take with me yesterday but I do miss the resolution and clarity of my Canon.

And the brick wall that looks like it has confetting on it above is actually a "gum wall". Kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think gross and want to reach for my hand-sanitizer just thinking about it. Ick.