Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fun Day in the Sun

Today the temperature reached 80 degrees. This is not a common occurrence here the Northwest. Especially not at the beginning of May. The sunshine always cheers me. It is truly a dose of happiness.

Yesterday, Ken and I spent an hour or so walking around town while we waited for Anique to get out of her drama class and then we she joined us walking and window-shopping in Snohomish. Did I tell you that Ruffles and Rust carries Artful Blogging? So much closer to home and way cuter to look around in than BN.

Anyhow, today we tried to spend more time outdoors as well. We began the day with a photo shoot with Anique. I've been trying to get her photos done since she turned 9 but we just couldn't find a good time. I'll post those soon.

We drove to Flower World to see if they still had any Venus flytraps (they didn't but I have one reserved for Anique). I'm really not a gardener. No skill and quite honestly I have little interest in the it. However, I am really, really wanting a magnolia tree. We looked at all the different types and they are so pretty. Someday...

At some point, Bailey, our lost teenage son, returned home to his family and we headed to Flowing Lake to soak up the sun with our packed lunch. Anique played in the water and they boys played catch with the football.  I took photos and read a little bit.

So, my house isn't completely clean but we had a fun weekend and have all had a little solar-powered recharge.