Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tree of Life

My not-in-law (she's family, but not), Michelle, found a Tree of Life pendant on Pinterest last year. She pinned it, sent it to my wall on Facebook, and told me she wanted one. As usual, I'm behind schedule and it took me until her following birthday to pull everything out and assemble it. And even then I was late for her birthday.
You can find lots of different tutorials online for creating one of your own. I browsed through several different ones to determine which style I liked best and took the best tips I found from each of them.
Being my first attempt it's not as polished as it could be but nature is messy right?
I used a silver ring, copper wire and swarovski crystals in various sizes and shades of blue. These were all materials I had on hand. When I was looking around I saw them made with all different wire types and some with gemstone chips instead. You can can create one for your own personal style. Give it a try!