Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This and That - A Week in Review

I seem to be having a hard time posting regularly. Strangely, we have had less to do since soccer has wound down for the past week or so. Maybe it's because I don't have my usual chaotic schedule to pace myself?

Here's a little bit of what I've been up to...and I apologize these aren't in order.

I celebrated my 10th anniversary with my employer on April 14th. Ummm, am I really old enough to have worked somewhere 10 years? Sadly yes, the years have flown by. I had been looking forward spending my bonus on the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. The one whose box states fits any model of Kitchenaid. Long story short, it doesn't. I'm not sure if my KS55 model is just too old or what but it just wouldn't go. Put the batter in the freezer and it was still tasty. Salted Caramel ice cream. I wish I could find the recipe to link to. So yummy!
 I have been wanting to do a  painting for our bedroom for quite awhile now. Sunday I headed to Ben Franklin's and picked up a 30" x 48" canvas and sketched out the basic shapes. This morning I laid down the base color for the sky. It may take a while but I'm excited to work on it.
 Sunday I was in a very cranky mood for some reason. I just could not shake my attitude. Ken ran an errand with Bailey and brought me back this beautiful rose.
Practicing with my camera set to black and white. Took this picture of my mom yesterday morning. She comes over every morning to get Anique on the bus since I have to leave for work before it comes. So grateful!

Anique spent some of her birthday money on a table tennis set. She has been playing non-stop and is loving it. She has played her family soooo many times and she has had a couple of friends over just so they could play.

Can't remember if I already posted this one. Anique was totally immersed in her new Judy Moody book. Finished it in just a couple of hours.

Anique and Ken modeling their disguises. These were in the gift bags.

Bailey used his second cousin, Chayton, to help ask his girlfriend to the Freshman Formal.