Sunday, April 7, 2013




Last weekend while Ken and I were out searching for a venus flytrap for Anique's birthday, he found a geode at the pet store.  Have you ever had a geode?

Basically, it is a rock that you break open and there are crystals inside of it. You just put it inside a little bag or sock. Each of the kids hit it once with the hammer and then we poured out the bag to see all the pretty crystals. Anique scooped them up and put them in a clear jar that she keeps on her windowsill.

She thought this was pretty cool and I found a party supply catalog that carries them. For a small price, you get 12 geodes. I think these would make a great party favor. What do you think?

This year we will be holding Anique's party at our house (ack! cleaning time!) and she has chosen a Judy Moody theme. I'll keep you updated on how everything comes together and let you know if the geodes were a hit (no pun intended).

P.S. Venus flytraps aren't available until summer. At least here in the cold State of Washington.