Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In the Closet

Now do I think anyone really wants to read about my closet? Probably not, but since I spent hours and hours getting it in shape I decided I could share.
Like my office, the closet in our master bedroom is another area that things were getting dumped if they didn't have a designated home. Snowsuit for Anique, oh just throw it in, I'll find a home for it later. Shoes were everywhere. And yes, that is a Disney collection in there. Ken is a major fan and being the mean wife I am, it's been relegated to the closet for the time being.
As you can see in the picture below, everything just got dumped on the floor. That's what the door is for right? To hide the mess.
I spent a couple of hours going through everything and pulling out clothes I no longer wear, that will never, ever fit again, and looked cute on the hanger but not on me. A couple of bags later, I had some room to work with. Then I started in on the shoes. What? You think I have too many shoes? There's no such thing!!
However, two garbage bags later, it was more under control. Value Village got a huge donation!
I refolded and organized all my pants on the top shelf, purchased a basket for my sweaters to help keep them all together and hung up my clothes by color. Then I picked up two inexpensive shoe racks from Target. I organized my shoes by color as well. 
My closet is now neat and organized and we've been able to keep it this way for the past month or so. A system that works. Happy!