Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mount Baker

In December we returned from our nice warm, tropical cruise on December 24ths. We experienced the whirlwhild of Christmas and then on the 28th we packed our winter gear to enjoy a long weekend on Mount Baker.

My in-laws took care of everything, lodging, food, etc as a Christmas present to the family. My in-laws, my family, my brother-in-law and his three kids were there, my not-in-law sister and her boyfriend were there. She's my brother-in-laws ex and the mother of his oldest child who she has full custody of. It's weird to an outsider but she's family and her boyfriend is considered family too. She celebrates holidays and vacations with us always. It's only strange to those looking in, to us it's normal. Which may tell you something about how not normal we are. ha ha!

We took two trips up the mountain to the sledding areas. The kids and the grown up guys had a great time. There were huge hills for the adults and Bailey to try and smaller hills for the smaller kids.

I took way too many pictures. The first day up there I had my regular lens on so everyone on top of a hill is tiny. I got smart and brought my zoom lens for the second trip up.

Here's a few shots from that weekend. Someday I'll be caught up with my old pictures.