Monday, February 4, 2013

A revelation...and things I covet

So, I have recently developed a whole new mindset on art and crafts. I tended to look at beautiful art, jewelry or projects and think, "I could make that". Well, sometimes that is true, I could make my own version of it. But...with that said, there are certain crafts I certainly could do but don't really enjoy. Something I always remember once I start.

As many of you can probably relate, Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration and ideas. All those ideas, inspire me to try out something I've seen. I recently made a pair of ruffled skirts for my daughter and niece. What I quickly remembered, was I get easily frustrated and somewhat bored when I sew. I hate ironing, which makes hems a nightmare. Can I sew? Can I iron? Yes, but I'd rather not.

And, further more, there are many talented artists out there who are doing crafts they love and are passionate for. They should be celebrated and supported. Here are a few of my favorites found on Etsy recently.

1. Leather Cuff 2. Leaf & Vine Ring 3. Oversized Sweater 4. Pride & Prejudice Scarf 5. Bird Linocut Print