Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Puerta Vallarta

 Here are a few more pictures from our vacation. Our second stop was Puerta Vallarta. We spent a little bit of time in town and walked around to see the sites. It was hot but there was lot to explore.

I realize I've posted these in reverse. They start with dinner that night and move backwards to our time in town.

P.S. My grandma's health is improving. She is home and getting lots of rest. It may be several more weeks but she is getting stronger all the time.
Dinner was character night. The waiters created some napkin art for all the guests.
 Bailey let Anique wear his Peter Pan "hat".
 Hanging out reading in Promenade Louge waiting for trivia to start.
 Ken and Anique making Peacocks during origami class.
A service was beginning when we walked by. The streets were filled sidewalk to sidewalk with people singing and waiting to enter.