Monday, January 14, 2013

Panama Canal


The Panama canal was amazing. I can't believe it was built so many years ago and it is still functioning so well. They are in the process of digging new wider and longer locks to accomodate larger ships.

The Disney Wonder is one of the larger ships that navigate the canal. Larger and new cruise ships are too big to fit through but will fit in the new locks when completed.

There was about 2 feet of clearance for our ship. We had a fantastic narrator who came on board just before we entered the locks. She was picked up after we exited the last lock.

We got to the first lock (there are 3) around 6:30am and exited the last lock just before 5pm. It was quite a lengthy process but fascinating to see it working.

Ken and I went upstairs just a little after 6am. I took a few picture of the sunrise and the city but they are a little foggy. The humity was so high, my lens kept fogging up. Ken commented that he thought the city looked like Oz. Sorry these are a little out of order.

We took a break from the hot sun to mail some postcards and have our passports stamped. Just so we could prove we'd been there ya know.