Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cartagena, Columbia

 Here's a few more photos from our vacation. We spent a day in Cartagena, Columbia. It was HOT out. We joined a tour so we could get a little background on the city and see the highlights. Our tour guide explained that there are two seasons in Columbia. Hot and Hotter. Apparently it was only hot that day (95 degrees). Whewee! I can't imagine being there during the Hotter season.
The buildings were beautiful around the square and down the alleys were beautiful. There were flowers flowing down from many of the terraces. So pretty! Our guide said the flowers are usually very fragrant and help to diffuse some of the people scent during the hot seasons.
There were a couple different Christmas trees up around town. One paper, one metal. It was interesting to see how they were displayed and the different representations. While waiting for a few of our our fellow tour members we stopped for a cold Coke. I'm a diehard (currently on the wagon and abstaining) Coke fan but these had a slightly different taste.
The scenery and buildings were one of my favorite things to photograph during this trip. I love buildings, especially those with history.