Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree --Part One

Ken and the kids went to pick out a Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It's smaller than usual but very pretty. I was suffering from an cold that snuck up on me out of nowhere and didn't go with them. Anique is fighting it off now.

Last Wednesday, I finally hauled the Christmas ornaments up so we could decorate the tree. They sure did look organized in the bin next to the tree where they sat until we finally decorated this past Saturday.

I'm always in charge of lights. I prefer white lights but Ken likes the multi-colored lights. Last year after we lost more than half of our lights to the mysterious light monster (You know the one that causes lights that worked when you put them away to fail magically...) I replaced our lights with LED lights. I have to say it was wonderful to pull the lights out this year and they all worked without having to replace any bulbs. Well worth the extra couple of dollars.

Here's the beginning of our tree and house decorations. We'll be out and about quite a bit this season so we're only putting up a few things.

Anique and my mom did some Hanukkah crafts while Ken and I took Bailey to his soccer game in Pasco a couple of weeks ago. They hung them from the light fixture.

The stockings were hung from the china hutch with care. Yes, we have a fireplace but it gets hot and we use frequently so the past two years they've been moved to an alternate location. My mom made us these stockings a couple of years ago. Lots of hand sewn sparkles. Pretty!