Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Packages

Most years for the holidays I like to bring a little treat or gift in for my co-workers. Last year I made ornaments so I wanted to try something different this year.
This year I made gloss for all the women and madelines for the men. I found the basic gloss recipe here. I used beeswax instead of parrafin and shea butter petroleum jelly. Also, the flavorings I used were very concentrated so only a couple of drops were needed.
I made 36 glosses total and five different flavors. Peppermint, cinnamon, cherry, coconut vanilla and chocolate orange. They all smelled delicious! I printed out circular label images and punched them out with a 1 inch punch. Then I ran them through my Xyron stickermaker so they could be applied to the top of the containers. I wrapped the final product in some fancy tissue paper and packaged them in simple small paper bags tied closed with silver ribbon.
Since, I didn't think the few men at work would appreciate my fine flavored glosses I opted for a treat instead.
Anique helped me make lemon and chocolate madeleines. I used dark chocolate cocoa powder since that's what I had on hand. My grandma had just given me her KitchenAid mixer (she wanted a new one in red to match her renovated kitchen). This made mixing up the cookies a breeze. I felt so spoiled! These were quite easy to make. Although they were both good, I personally preferred the lemon version. I liked the light flavor. I wrapped these in parchment paper and packaged them in miniature takeout boxes. Voila!