Sunday, September 9, 2012

Be More...

Follow Your Path
As I've mentioned before, I follow Danielle Laporte who wrote the life-changing Fire Starter Sessions. Every so often she posts a question to inspire some reflection into our own lives.

This latest question asks us (by that I mean me in this post) to let go of the past and everything we blame on how it made us us. If we are to let go of the past influences and be more, what would it be? Yes, that was a double "us" up there and again I'm just answering for myself and how I perceived the question. (I'm really a princess and address myself in the plural form-ha!)

My more:

I would be more open, more free with my emotions, more compassionate, more loving, more daring with my creativity, more giving, and take more risks.

Now with that being said, I think experiences, both positive and negative are beneficial. Yes, they shape you and the decisions you make. The key word in there is decisions. You can't always control the events in life but you can control your reaction to them.

Did something hurt you? Are you going to retreat and hide and never risk the pain again? Or will you live how you choose despite the pain? Now, you may choose a different path to your goals to lessen the risk. Somethings are a recipe for disaster and you have to know when to retreat and take a new path. Don't walk in blind but sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised.

Great opportunities for love, creativity and friendships await!